We are a monthly subscription club based in Des Moines, IA. Each month we share a specially selected artist to bring to your attention by sending you an exclusive T- shirt along with a short biography of the artist so you can get to know more about them.  We  include information for all their social media sites so you can follow them and learn where they are performing, new album releases, downloads, and everything else they are up to. We also like to throw in little extras for our club members, so you never know what surprises you'll recieve each month. Our website features links to each artist to help make finding them easier for you. We  cover all genres of music from all around the country, wherever there is music is where we want to be. To us music is life and we love finding our next favorite song and discovering new and interesting artists. So JOIN THE CLUB, SPREAD THE WORD, and SHARE THE MUSIC.

​ We are always searching for local up and coming artists as well as established artists to feature in the club. We strive to find original artists that our members need to hear about. We travel all around  visiting local watering holes and music venues  to find the  artists we feature. When we find them we set out to share their story with all of you. Unfortunately we cannot be everywhere all the time so we ask for you to help us by sending us your suggestions and recommendations, because who better to recommend artists then their fans, so please  contact us  with your favorite bands' information.



For only $25 a month you will recieve an exclusive T-shirt from a different featured artist hand selected by our team. It's that simple. Along with each T-shirt you get a biography of the artist so you can discover their story, find their their social media, show dates and of course find their music. You get to discover new artists and find new music while adding to your wardrobe. It's a win win. Start getting to know bands you need to know.  Become a member today!


The 3 month option is a great choice if you want to get a sample of the club or want to give the perfect gift to any music enthusiast you know. This option offers a one time charge of $75. You receive 3 exclusive T-shirts for 3 months featuring the hand selected artists we think you should get to know. After 3 months we hope you join the club on our monthly subscription. O​r you can choose to leave the club with no further obligations. Sign up now before  you miss another artist!


 Looking for a little longer musical experience? Then try one of the 6 month options. You have the choice of a one time payment of  $150  for all 6 months, or choose a monthly payment of $25 until your subscription is up. At that time we hope you choose to continue in the club on a monthly subscription. Or you can choose to leave the club with no further obligations. What are you waiting for? Join the club!